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FIRST provide high quality developmental opportunities for people with disabilities in Logan and the Gold coast.


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Register to be part of the excitement at our weekly discos at Fryar Road Community Hall or our Monday & Friday karaoke program and develop your inner performer. Weather it's singing out a tune or picking up an instrument the choice is yours.

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We have a huge range of choices available in our popular art programs. You can learn about painting, pottery, mosaics, jewellery making, photography and textiles through our regular programs held at all three of our locations.

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Based at our Loganholme centre at Cairns St, this program will enhance IT skills, literacy and numeracy skills through game design, power points, photography, video making and producing original music. The creative members of this program are responsible for our quarterly newsletter.

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Members work at a range of activities, like restoration of furniture which we then donate to local nursing homes to encourage the understanding of giving back to the community and supporting the older generations. This program teaches work health & safety and includes using power and hand tools.

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Our Loganholme centre on Cairns st, houses a large, purpose-built woodwork room including a wide variety of tools. Members learn fine motor skills and work skills, repurposing recycled timber. Items made in the woodwork room are then sold in our store to support further material purchases.

Soaps and candles icon for FIRST Service members


Members learn to make soaps, candles, diffusers, bath salts & more. Members learn to use numbers, count, measure and more. We do our best to use all natural ingredients. The items our members make are sold in our shop and proceeds go to funding for providing more materials to make more products.

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Kelly St has a nursery on site where we grow vegetables, herbs and fruit trees that is solely run by members with guidance from staff and mentors.
Members learn about propagating, mowing, weeding and pruning. We grow vegetables, herbs and fruit trees at our Eagleby site.

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Located at our centre in Loganholme on Cairns St, members learn to be able to follow patterns, cut fabric and sew. Fine motor skills are enhanced while members learn to hand sew and use sewing machines.

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FIRST has a strong emphasis on developing life and social skills. Much of our social training and programs are designed to develop these skills. We support people accessing various venues in the community, whether in a group or individual setting. You can be supported to go to museums, libraries, pools, shopping centres, sports venues and more.

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Harmony Hooves healing hearts

Mondays at our Coomera center the group are lucky enough to visit Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts who's mission is to provide support and healing through the power of connection with animals and nature.

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Bowling can be great fun and give you the opportunity to be part of a terrific team. It also gives you the chance to socialise and learn. We are part of two leagues, one being a national disability league, with one of our members representing QLD.

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We have a great variety of fitness programs at all 3 of our locations. Partnering with Reclink Raptors every second Thursday for fitness in the park, PT on Wednesdays or Dancing with Stage door. There is something for everyone.

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